Kathryn & James' Wedding 12/31/1999

Where do an American and a Canadian get married?
If we can't do it at the border, why not the International
House of Pancakes
? Lev dispenses his ministerial
duties as we wait for our food to come. Gayle, Richard,
and Kerry are our witnesses.

Note the added touch of glass panels etched with American
and Canadian flags, and the frighteningly accurate (given INS rules)
"Emergency Exit Only" sign behind Kathryn

Next we prepared for the New Year's Eve/Reception party.
What do a Canadian and an American wear to a masquerade party
the night of their wedding? Why not come as an Alien Bride
and someone very American?

New Year's Eve 1999, the false new millenium, spawned a gala party at
Willow Cottage. Our hosts displayed sumptuous foods of the century,
to which Kathryn and James contributed our Alien-marries-American theme cake.

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This is for keeps! (7 Kb) Eskimo kisses (115 Kb) Gayle disapproves... of something (22 Kb) Gayle (13 Kb)

Harried waitress (55 Kb) The entire motley crew (45 Kb) Incoming Mrs. Spigot! Kathryn: 'This is not what I ordered' (116 Kb) Proof positive we did the deed (133 Kb)

Look what's on the menu! (67 Kb) James at home, before we went (35 Kb) Smiling' James (117 Kb) Kathryn loves menus with big pictures (136 Kb)

Kerry and Richard (94 Kb) Lev, rebuked (14 Kb) Lev dispenses his ministerial duties (99 Kb) Richard pours on the juice (83 Kb)

With this kiss I thee snog (92 Kb) With this ring I thee wed (156 Kb) With this smile I thee celebrate! (151 Kb) Kathryn applies makeup to become the Alien Bride (134 Kb)

Kathryn applies her Alien antennae (43 Kb) Kathryn looks beautific (120 Kb) Kathryn, Alien mannequin (64 Kb) James Wants You for Alien Bride! (33 Kb)

James in the full Uncle Sam getup (29 Kb) Kathryn (the Alien Bride) and Gayle (64 Kb) James & Kathryn's cake of Alien Immigration (100 Kb) Wedding cake detail! (196 Kb)

Kathryn, the Alien Bride, dances divinely with handsome Sir Edward (76 Kb) Kathryn, the Alien Bride, and James, as Uncle Sam (89 Kb) James (Uncle Sam) and Kathryn (Alien Bride) (180 Kb)